We print on all types of fabric except on leather & jute
Yes we do. The ink is different for Polyester & Nylon, It is called dispersed ink and the temperature for steaming is also more than that used for cotton print. For cotton generally we use reactive ink and all ink we use are water based & the inks that we use are imported inks namely stork & Konica.
We have 4 machines – JP 6 MS Orange Italy which gives the speed of 2700 mtr/day, which is the fastest machine. JV 5 LA Machinca which gives the speed of 500 mtr/day. Konica Minolta which gives the speed of 500mtr/day & TX 1600 Mimaki which gives the speed of 200mtr/day.
Sample takes minimum of 7 days and if color matching is required, it can take 2 to 3 days more.
The sampling process is very critical, sometimes the results are achieved immediately & sometimes it takes 3 to 4 days to achieve the results, so to be on a safer side we take minimum of 7 days so we do not default on our commitment.
Generally 12%. The fabric shrinks around 4% while padding, 4% while steaming washing & finishing & 4% damages are taken into consideration due to damages like water drops, bowing of fabric or misprinting. However it is not always 12%, it can be considerably lower but 12% is the value loss which is always communicated to the clients to avoid ambiguity later on.