Products / End Uses

Apparel and Fashion End Uses

  • Very High Fashion Products can be digitally printed for exclusivity and faster fashion cycling.
  • 100% Allover prints and Chest / Patch prints are used in fashion industry.
  • T-Shirt Chest Prints allow customization and personalized t-shirts.
  • Digital Printed fabrics are used in Shoe Uppers, Hand Bags, Hats, Caps, hair bands, wrist bands appliqué repeats etc.,
  • Many fashion products require only short production runs.
  • Decorative Displays, Cinema props, Theater Sets, Soft Goods, Toys

Home Textiles

Baby Products, Pallets, bedding, Quilt and Cushion Covers, Table linen items like Table cloth, mat, pot holders, runners, Kitchen linen items like Aprons, mits, Napkins etc., Decorative curtains can be created in hours. Even heavy bedding can be duplicated on light fabrics for trial look. This includes upholstery also. Customization of all these items is possible in shorter time.

Interior Decoration

Transportation interior Design, Refurbishing, Interior Decorator fabrics and Home Furnishings are now easy to trial or customize.

Promotional and Decorative Purposes

Exhibit Builders, Large format fabric printing for Trade show booth for deeply saturated colors and photographs, publicity invitation bags, Fine art display on digitally printed fabric, Stage Group Uniforms, Window Displays, Merchandising Materials and immense other possibilities are available in this industry.